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President and CEO, Jewish Voice Ministries International

Author, ‘A Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural’; ‘Unlocking the Prophetic Mysteries of Israel’

Jonathan Bernis is a Jewish believer in Jesus who has been a leader in Messianic Jewish ministry for more than thirty years and who currently serves as President and CEO of Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI).

As a Jewish believer, his passion is sharing the Gospel with Jewish people, knowing that there is salvation in no one else, and there is no other name under Heaven than the name of Jesus by which all men – Jew or Gentile – are saved (Acts 4:12).

Jonathan founded Congregation Shema Yisrael in Rochester, New York, where he served as Senior Messianic Rabbi from 1984 to 1993, as well as the Messianic Center of St. Petersburg, Russia, where he lived and ministered from 1993 to 1996. In 1998, he was called upon to take up the mantle of leadership for Jewish Voice Broadcasts, a ministry founded by Louis Kaplan and in 2001, and the ministry merged with Jonathan’s Hear O’ Israel Ministries to become Jewish Voice Ministries International.

Jonathan currently hosts JVMI’s syndicated television program, “Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis,” broadcast to over 717 million homes worldwide through local, cable, and satellite networks as well as the Internet.

JVMI’s exists to transform lives and see all Israel saved. Their mission is to proclaim the Gospel, engage the Church concerning Israel and the Jewish people, and grow the Messianic Jewish community. They carry out this mission through a many-faceted ministry that includes humanitarian outreaches, large-scale international festivals, congregation planting and leadership training, television, print media, digital channels, and speaking engagements.

JVMI conducts humanitarian/medical outreaches to some of the most impoverished Jewish communities on earth, including regular outreaches in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and other points of need around the world. Through these outreaches, JVMI has provided medical, dental, and eye care that has saved lives, restored eyesight, and shared the Gospel message of the Messiah with hundreds of thousands of Jewish people and their neighbors. As a result, dozens of Messianic congregations have formed, and through its Congregation and Leadership Development team, JVMI comes alongside new believers and emerging leaders with discipleship, training, and support.

JVMI also ministers through large-scale international Festivals of Jewish Music & Dance throughout Eastern Europe, India, Africa, and South America. Hundreds of thousands have attended these festivals, and millions more have participated through television broadcasts. Thousands have responded to the Gospel message, and more than a dozen new Messianic Jewish congregations arose in the former Soviet Union through these outreaches.

  • Christian faith, Scripture
  • Biblical (end time) prophecy
  • Events concerning Israel
  • Messianic Judaism
  • Lost Tribes of Israel
  • Sharing the Gospel



Jonathan talks with Eric Metaxas about … well, everything.


Jonathan and nationally-syndicated Moody host Janet Parshall discuss the lost tribes of Israel.

Rabbi Bernis’ new book

We are witnessing things today that the prophets of Israel longed to see.
God is fulfilling His Word in our generation!

If you want to understand what God is doing in these last days, you must understand what He is doing with Israel. It is here that the Bible’s prophecies regarding the end of the age will all unfold.  With this fascinating book, Rabbi Bernis unlocks a greater knowledge about the last days, exploring questions such as:

  • What crucial role does Israel play in the last days?
  • Why is anti-Semitism on the rise worldwide, and what is at its root?
  • What is the seed promise, and why is Satan so angry about it?
  • What profound promise did God make to Abraham that applies to you today?
  • Paperback: 208 pages
  • Publisher: Charisma House (November 7, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1629991406
  • ISBN-13: 978-1629991405