With hundreds of book campaigns and decades of experience under our belt, booking media is what we do best.

We know and work closely with hundreds of radio and television producers, print and online editors, podcasters and bloggers. Particularly within the realm of Christian media.

Though, as noted on our home page, the general/secular market’s biggest and best know us, too and we’ve booked plenty of clients on CNN, Fox News, NBC, CBS, ABC and dozens of other outlets. We can coordinate media bookings to support a book launch or just to help grow your ministry or platform.

‘Platform’, reach, influence. It’s what it’s all about.

  • Identifying your voice and your audience.
  • Knowing where, when and how to reach them regularly and gain their interest and trust.
  • Understanding why it’s critical to engage them and how to do it well

If you can do these things and can grow a community of engaged readers/listeners/viewers, it can go a long way towards getting you published, selling books and most importantly, sharing Truth. We can help you understand which channels are best, create a presence for you there and even manage the content you publish there. If you’re already online, but not seeing the growth you’d hoped for, we can audit your platforms and help you find the answers.